Docker and Deep Learning

Speaker: Bennett Wineholt (Cornell University)


Docker and Deep Learning

Presentation courtesy of Bennett Wineholt.


Scaling up systems for resource-intensive machine learning tasks demands convenient methods to manage computations distributed across multiple servers. Come and learn about both the processes underlying new Deep Learning techniques that have been applied to piloting drones and driving autonomous vehicles as well as the Docker containerization tools used to train these systems at scale.

How To

Install Docker

Start Docker

You may need to run the Docker application, or the command

$ sudo service docker start

A reboot may be required since Docker ties tightly into system functions.

Pull Docker container from Docker Hub

Run the Container

Now that we have downloaded a docker container, the next step is to run it:

$ docker run -it -p 8888:8888 tensorflow/tensorflow

Run Deep Learning on the Container

Go to your browser on http://localhost:8888/ (the command printed on container start). Consider reading the MNIST from Scratch jupyter notebook comments to get a good idea of the steps involved.

Use the MNIST from Scratch jupyter notebook to execute the code, running commands with Shift+Enter or Cell -> Run All.

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